Don’t let foot pain hold you back from the lifestyle you want to live.  
At Coastal Podiatry Group we focus on prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of an extensive range of foot, lower limb and postural problems. We can help you get the spring back in your step.  

Coastal Podiatry Group is a locally owned clinic, established in 2013, that has experience treating all areas of podiatry from every age group. We have two podiatrists working at our premises, whom have both worked in the private and public sectors and have experience in all areas of the profession. We are also proud to introduce 3D laser scanning for custom made orthotics. Read More


Foot, ankle and leg pain
Our podiatrists are experienced in the examination, diagnosis Read More
Orthotic prescription
Orthotics are in-shoe devices, custom made to your feet to comfortably Read More
Skin and nail problems
The bottoms of your feet are in contact with the ground more than another Read More
Children’s feet
Children’s feet are different from adults as the developing foot contains Read More
We have a range of quality footwear to suit your needs. Our range includes Read More

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