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Coastal Podiatry Group, Lennox Head

Coastal Podiatry Group is a locally owned clinic that has experience treating all areas of podiatry from every age group.

Established in December 2013 by a locally raised Podiatrist, with over 10 years’ experience; Matt Frogley, and his friendly wife, Vanessa Frogley, who is practice manager. In addition, we have a second podiatrist - Jim Walker who is also a Northern Rivers local with 5 years’ experience.

Podiatrists are university trained health professionals who treat, diagnose, manage and refer any issue from the knee joint down; including skin, nail, muscle, ligament, tendon and bone pathology. We use a wide range of approaches such as stretching and strengthening prescription, orthotic therapy, in shoe padding, manipulation, sports strapping, x-ray and ultrasound referrals (for which we are bulk billed), as well as the more common treatments of skin and nail problems.

The practice is equipped with state of the art diagnostic and treatment equipment.

Including treadmill and slow-motion filming analysis to pinpoint how and why your injuries occur, the latest and most advanced 3D laser foot scanning to manufacture accurate and long-lasting orthotics (shoe insoles), as well as the latest machines and instruments to provide the best, pain free results for skin and nail conditions. Furthermore, we offer diabetic foot assessments, including blood flow and nerve sensation testing. Finally, fungal nails are a problem affecting hundreds of thousands of Australians, and now we are proud to offer the highly successful KeryFlex treatment, imported from the USA.

So, give our friendly reception a call today on 6687 7717 for any enquiries or appointments.


Our clinics mission is simple. Provide the most cost-effective care for each individual, depending on their needs and lifestyle. We have an onsite HICAPS machine, providing on the spot private healthcare rebates and we accept Medicare EPC plans from your doctor, for which we can provide the Medicare rebate. The reception is also stocked with supportive sandals, slippers and footwear, as well as assorted foot care products.

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