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Foot, ankle and leg pain

Our podiatrists are experienced in the examination, diagnosis and treatment of a range of conditions affecting the foot and lower limb. Such conditions may include muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and joints, bursa’s or nerves. The podiatrist will thoroughly examine the foot and ankle, as well as muscle flexibility, range of motion and the overall function of the feet, legs, knees and hips. Many factors may contribute to an injury or problem; therefore, a thorough assessment is important. We use gait analysis, clinical tests and physical palpation to diagnose and treat your presenting issue.

Common conditions we treat include: plantar fasciitis, heel pain, knee pain, tendonitis (e.g. achilles tendinitis), shin splints, ball of foot pain and ankle pain.

Orthotic prescription

Orthotics are in-shoe devices, custom made to your feet to comfortably align, cushion and improve foot function. Orthotics are most commonly used for foot discomfort and injury treatment but also for general support, posture and prevention.At Coastal Podiatry Group we offer the latest 3D laser technology along with a thorough foot and lower leg assessment to get the best prescription for you and your feet. Each individual has different feet, so when we design your orthotics we take into account your foot-type, shoe type, medical history, activity levels and presenting problems.

The type of orthotics change depending on your needs. The design is individualized for your specific needs; they can be manufactured in many ways such as soft, hard, long, short and made for a range of different shoe and sandal types.

Skin and nail problems

The bottoms of your feet are in contact with the ground more than another part of your body. When you consider this, along with our busy lifestyles, wearing of various kinds of footwear and the hard surfaces we walk on, it’s of no surprise that many nail and skin problems develop. Our podiatrists are experienced to assess, diagnose and treat your skin and nail conditions.

Common skin and nail conditions we treat include: ingrown toenails, fungal nails, callouses, corns, warts and ulcers.

Diabetic foot assessments

Diabetes can lead to changes in the feet and lower-limb, so it is important to have regular check-ups to help treat and/or prevent these problems occurring. Such problems include poor blood supply, delayed wound healing, nerve damage and ulceration.

Our Podiatrists at Coastal Podiatry Group have experience in performing both vascular and neurological assessments, skin and nail care, as well as discussing diabetes education in accordance with the national guidelines.

Children’s feet

Children’s feet are different from adults as the developing foot contains growth plates and soft cartilage which don’t completely form until 12 to 15 years of age. During these early stages the feet experience their most significant change and it is therefore important to monitor and maintain the healthy growth of your child’s feet.It is important to remember that each child is unique and will move through stages of development differently.

Early signs to look for which may require intervention: flat feet, in-toeing/pigeon toed, toe walking, limping, pain that last more than several days in a row, excessive tripping or falling, delayed walking, heel pain (Severs disease), and knee pain (Osgood Schlatters).

In many cases these differences improve with time but early detection and prevention from your Podiatrist can not only improve your child’s walking but also the alignment of growing knees, hips and back.

Flat feet are a common presentation in children and in most cases it’s genetic. Your child’s arch usually develops to reach its mature height between 6-8 years of age, so any problems can be detected by this time.

Your Podiatrist will perform a thorough examination of your child’s feet and lower limbs to determine the treatment options based on their individual needs. In most cases it is as simple as wearing an orthotic in their shoe, doing a few stretches or wearing the correct shoe.


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